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Deena's Trailer Lot on the Web

This is my personal spot on the world wide highway. I prefer it off the main drag and down one of the little back roads. So get a little mud on your tires, step over the sleeping dog, don't' trip on the kids and pull up a seat.
Go ahead, kick your shoes off, this is Florida.

Grumpa's Shepherds


My bragging spot for my puppies. We currently have 2 German Shepherd Dogs and 1 POD (plain old dog).  Watch Wins' career and enjoy Desi's antics. Online GSD pedigree and club, rescue directory.


All Those Names


My son's ancestry tracing back thru his Wilson, Gilbert, Canals and Arroyo families. Includes Hart, Towers, Neals, and many more.




The Kid's Christmas Wish List

What do the kids really want?  Need some ideas?  Legos?  Anime?  Books?  Go Pros? 


Jokes & Quotes

Need a good laugh or some inspiration.  Find it all at Jokes & Quotes and send in your favorite today.


Ferrets On the Go


Although I no longer run an active shelter, I still love ferrets and maintain the site in hopes the information helps.


Hurricane Katrina Video

Nikki's Swimming Pool

My future marine biologist loves sharks.  Hopefully we take can her out and see some in the wild this summer.


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