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If you doubt that ferrets are becoming a popular standard pet in American households, you need only look at all they share with cats and dogs to change your mind:

  • Their food is readily available in the grocery store
  • Most states require rabies shots and have begun to offer them a quarantine period
  • Increased medical care and procedures improves and extends the quality of their lives
  • And unfortunately, they share in the same abuse, neglect and abandonment as our other pets.

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    There are far too many instances of abuse, neglect and abandonment of our ferret friends. Luckily the USSPCA has begun to acknowledge the roles of ferrets as family pets and perhaps this has signaled the start of public education and unwillingness to continue to tolerate it. We are gathering information on cases of abuse from individual animals to such massive tragedies as the Washington massacre. Through our/your public outcry you can help convince the legal and political authorities involved in each case to acknowledge the tragedy and take the steps to prevent reoccurrences.


    Never Again: A case of a local ferret shelter gone wild.
    The Loving Ferrets Shelter, Egg Harbor City, NJ is raided and shelter ferrets seized. Live but starving ferrets are found living with their dead cage mates. Ferrets are turned over to KiSta Ferret Rescue. Vet and supplies donations appreciated.

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