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Ferrets On the Go - Niceville FL

Fatty, a sweet tempered lover Little Man, a happy little boy
Little Man & Fatty

Little Man is slender silver sable male and Fatty is a butterscotch sable. They were raised as babies and were surrendered when their owners had a brand new baby. They were afraid that the needs of an infant would keep the boys from getting all the loving they were use to. Their brother Stinky has been adopted out, but these two boys need to go as a pair. Although they are quite happy apart and playing with others, their previous owners would prefer that they stayed together as a family. They were very used to being cuddled and held and do not get enough of that in the shelter. Although both are well mannered and mild tempered, Fatty is the lover and Little Man has become very outgoing and active around the other shelter babies.

Nipper, a real blast
A little silverish sable female, Nipper is fondly known as "psycho rat" and "crack head". She gives full meaning to the word spunky and needs a home where there is someone or another animal to play rowdy with. She loves to run across the room at you, jump up and hang off your leg. Not too bad a game when you're wearing jeans, a little rough in shorts. Think teenager when you think of Nip. Fully wound on energizer batteries.

Honey, Darla, and Rascal

Honey, Darla and Rascal came in as a family and we hope to send them out that way after a little TLC and recuperation. Rascal is a small sable male suffering from adrenal disease that we hope to have operated on early in 2000. He had a major urinary infection a couple of weeks before being turned in. His vet put him on a low protein diet. We had to take him off that as he developed siezures. Increasing his protein intake and ensuring that he always has food readily available so that his blood sugar stays stable seems to have controlled the seizures.

Darla is an ultra lightweight albino female with a bad tooth. I'd like to see her put on some weight although it appears that skinny just may be her natural build. She is very young and mild mannered, getting along with virtually any of the other babies.

Honey has a white blaze and was rescued from the pet store by her previous owner after she was placed in the back of the store to die after eating a ball. He convinced the owner to give her to him since they did not plan to save her life and was rewarded with a very close friend who liked to sit in his lap and watch TV. Honey is quite healthy but is blind in one eye, possibly due to a cataract. It doesn't bother her so unless there is an easy cost effective treatment I don't expect we will be able to do much for her except love her.


Breezy & Jiggly

Two little sable females that came in with Yoshi and Krammer. They are polite and well behaved. Although extremely quite when arriving at the shelter, they are becoming more animated and ferrety as they have adjusted into the group. It is very hard to tell them apart. Breezy has a white band above her mask while Jiggly has a darker band above hers. Jiggly is also a few ounces lighter and use to 'jiggle' while being held and slept more than playing. We are glad to see her more animated. Although they get along wonderfully, they do not have to be adopted out togeather and seem to adjust to newcomers with no problems. They do not like being around ferrets who have to establish pecking order through fights.

Shadow & Caira
Fun on four paws. Their energy is boundless and Shadow is quite proud of how he can bound over the ferret gate into the forbidden room where he than enjoys a rousing game of 'can't catch me'. Shadow and Caira came in together from a loving home. It tore the owners up to have to part with them, but they wanted to do the best they could for them. Quite active, they like people but were extremely unruly, biting to let you know they weren't getting their way. Caira was a slash biter who continually attacked ankles to get attention. She had learned that the attention she received from this was best received as a distance and would sneak up on you, draw blood and run. With close attention, intervening to catch and interact with her before she had a chance to attack, she had greatly improved although she will still chomp ankles if she feels the need to get your attention, although not as viciously.

NW Florida Ferret Rescue - Ft. Walton Beach FL

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