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Taken from FML, submitted by an Anonymous Poster

Hi all. I started working on kind of Kodo tribute, as the posts came in, to send to the Governor of Michigan, Karen Burns, and the people who tried to save Kodo, and it sort of took off with a life of it's own. I'm missing some names, as I deleted the posts originally...and I'd like to have the names that go with the cities and states. Also, if you'd like to add your name and a line about Kodo, with your town of residence...I just want them to know how many people all over the world cared about this ferret. If you don't want your name included, I need to know that too, and I'll remove it...

(... FML forwarding instructions edited out ...)

I'll post the final draft when it's done.

Thanks everyone...gotta tell you, when I read this, it STILL makes me cry...

Submit Your Tribute

Tributes Through July 2nd 1997

For all the innocents who were taken before their time due to disease, accidents, neglect, cruelty, ignorance, fear, and stupidity...
To the people who gave unselfishly of their time and money to fight this travesty...
To the people who perpetuated it...or did nothing to stop it...we will never let you forget.

But mostly, this is for Kodo - "Our tiny ferret who lights up the world."

  1. "There's a candle burning in Jerusalem".....Love, Bev, EB and Freddie the new the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

  2. "There's a candle lit in Germany too!"

  3. "I would like to send you my condolences, I followed your fight from the Netherlands."
    Evelien Gilbert-de Laaf

  4. "There's a candle burning in South Australia too"....John and Sandy

  5. "There is a new star shining over Western Australia now. Kodo, you will be with us always. We're just so sorry our efforts couldn't help you."
    Philip, Nona & Alexia.

  6. "Helen Keller said, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
    This is how it was with Kodo. His memory will always be with us in our hearts."
    Nicolas & Danielle Langley
    Perth, Western Australia

  7. "Here in Sydney Australia we have had a candle burning for Kodo since we heard the terrible news"....Vic

  8. "To Kodo a sweet innocent ferret who was murdered by the state of Michigan, I will never forget and will fight to stop this happening to ferrets world wide".....Barb Gustafson (aka Boots) Alberta, Canada

  9. "Kodo, you were a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you had the right to be here, but someone dimmed your light before your time. A candle burns in Nova Scotia, Canada for you" - Cassie and Andre, and the boys Bixby & Bailey

  10. "There's a candle (probably more than one) burning for Kodo in Canada as well".....Amy & Regina - International Ferret Association

  11. "I light a candle not only for Kodo, but for all the little noses here and beyond. Never let them doubt how much they mean to us."
    Glen with Morgane Le Feyret and Merlyn

  12. "A candle's burning in Massachusetts"...Ronnie D, Ralphie, Harry, Pr Charming, Merlin

  13. "Though he was an animal whom I never met, his death affected me more than any human I've ever known. Perhaps because he was an innocent, whose fate rested in the hands of the ignorant and cowardly. May some good yet come of it. For now - peace Kodo. Your candle burns with us in Shrewsbury, MA as well."
    CJ Staples and Family

  14. "I couldn't be in Michigan for the candlelight tribute, so I lit one here at home (Mass) and took all of my fuzzies up to it and told them all the story of Kodo".....Sharon & her Kodo's, Chi Chi, Lebby, Amber Rose, Sheba, Wolfie and the baby

  15. "There's a candle burning in Athens, Ohio tonight. We miss you, Kodo!"...Shannon

  16. "A candle burns for Kodo in Oberlin, Ohio." Linda

  17. "My condolences to the Jacobs Family for the loss of Kodo.I know it's not much,but I have a candle burning here in Ohio and I will try everything I can to help prevent this from ever happening again." Sam, Rascal, Bandi and Robin

  18. "We'll keep a candle lit here in Montana for you all and Kodo"....Brett and Missy

  19. "Kodo was truly everyone's ferret. He is missed by us all in St. Louis, MO."
    Kurt and Sara Petersen, Cognac, Danyel, Skotter, Fog, Preen, Toccata, Buddie, Spice, Jodeci, Sol, Luna and Karice - And at the Rainbow Bridge with Kodo: Ariel, Daffnie, Twilight, Ghost and Bear

  20. "And Kodo, our candles in South Carolina are still and will continue to burn"....The Herricks, Laura and Shon, Abbey and Priscilla

  21. "Bob, I'm truly sorry for your loss. A candle burns in Raleigh, NC for Kodo. He is gone but will not be forgotten." J Dunn

  22. " Kodo, your memory will always be close to our hearts. May your flame burn forever as it is here in NC."
    Donna and Sammy and Cody (the ferret children).

  23. "We'll keep a candle lit here in Colorado, too! We love you Kodo..."
    Nancy and the ferretkids -- Juneau, Blizzard, Simba, and Yukon from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  24. "Another Candle has been lit in Colorado....". Susan, Carlos, Hugo, Izzy, Taos, Elbert and Sammy

  25. "I have lit a candle in Oklahoma City for Kodo"...Mary, Spike, Hawkeye, Bilbo, and Bandit

  26. "A candle's burning in Seattle. Kodo's wardancing with the gods now."

  27. "A candle burns for Kodo from Ferret Rescue of Spokane"
    love, Tracey Kilmer

  28. "A candle burns in memory of beloved Kodo in Spokane, forever in our hearts"
    Heather and her carpet babies

  29. "Each day possible a candle is lit in Arizona for Kodo and all animals."
    David and Kaye Porter and the six Prescott AZ ferrets.

  30. "A candle burns in my window tonite for a gentle soul lost because a human could not say "I was mistaken." I'm sorry. Sorry you died in a world where ignorance is the standard and ignorance kills. Sorry you died for a humans pride." Ed

  31. "All the darkness in the world can not put out the light of a single candle." If one candle can do that, just imagine what all of Kodo's can do!! Strength to us, for him and for all the furrchildren." Chryss and Khia

  32. "A candle is burning in southern CA also for Kodo."

  33. "I still remember the celebration in the universe when I first knew that I would be selected to watch over you. The other angels sang songs of joy and congratulations to me. I was overcome with anticipation. I remember the moment of your birth, those who saw you deemed you a miracle. You are one of a kind, rarest of the rare, you are a priceless treasure. And I am better for having known you, loved you, and having been blessed with the honor of your presence in my life.....there are many candles burning tonight in Northern California as well...the Golden Gate glows with your spirit." Phyllis

  34. "To KODO: We loved you and hoped to be celebrating your release."
    To the Michigan Legal System: "You may have won this one battle by distorting the facts, but you have not killed just one ferret, you have given life to a whole movement that is determined not to let this happen again."
    Mimi Steel - Pleasanton, Ca

  35. "And a candle is lit in Susanville, California. your flame will not burn down, Kodo. we love you." Sheriece Mize

  36. "A candle is burning in California for you Kodo. I know that you will live on in our memories. Your ferret kisses will be missed but your little sweet spirit lives on."
    Michael Harris

  37. "My heart and sympathies go out to Bob and his family. I plan to never set foot in the state of Michigan, and if California's AB-363 gets killed in the upcoming Senate election, I will move to a more ferret-friendly state."
    Jennifer, Jasmine, Casey and Samantha in California

  38. "There's a candle burning in Georgia and in my heart for you Kodo"...Jackie

  39. "We will light a candle tonight from Fort Wayne, Indiana in memory of everyone's beloved Kodo"....Pat & the Crazy 10!

  40. "A candle is burning in New Hampshire for Kodo and all others taken before their time"....Dick and Joan B.

  41. "I will light a candle in Springfield, Virginia for Kodo" ...

  42. "And one continues to burn in Caroline Co., Virginia, My candle is burning on the windowsill for you...candles are burning all over the world for you, Kodo....WE LOVE YOU"!....Karen Daigneault

  43. "I have lit a candle called 'Spring Time' for Kodo. I live in Va. Beach, Va., another kill & test state." Fran and Quincy

  44. "The candle will never die here at Inuit for Kodo....Fredericksburg, VA"

  45. "A candle is lit in Morgantown, WV for little Kodo".....Chris and Fidget

  46. "Kodo Kandlemania has hit every window of our house in Randallstown, MD! June 12 will forever be Kodo Appreciation Day!"
    Bonnie & Jim (& Stinky, Squeaker, and Beano, the Baltimore fuzzbusters)

  47. "Maryland's "candle" is lit, and it will burn until all ferrets have the equal rights that they so justly deserve in *every* state." In Ferret Love & Brotherhood.... Mary, Farrah, & Rocky

  48. "And we lit another in Maryland - a small flame for a small ferret who lights up the sky...." Beth Comarow and David Burns

  49. "A candle was lit in Bethesda"...Beth

  50. "There's a candle lit in Deale, Maryland, too. God Bless"....Suzie

  51. "The candle here in Hyattsville, Maryland burns every night for Kodo, his family, and for all the other precious ferrets around the world who leave for Rainbow Bridge, not of their own free will, but at the hands of the ignorant. One day ferrets will all be free. Let us harness all the energy of ferret lovers everywhere and channel it in the direction we need to go in order to accomplish this. We love you KODO." Pat Ball - Treasured Ferrets.

  52. "And one lit in Wash, DC"...Daphne

  53. " Kodo's candle is an eternal flame here in NH."
    Kari and the 2 carpet sharks, Komoto & Aboo

  54. "There are four candles lit for Kodo in Troy, Michigan."
    Love, Toni and my four girls: Zoe, Riley, Izzy, and Holly

  55. "As Kodo lights the heavens with his light of love, we've added another bit of candlelight for him here in Maine"......

  56. "There is a candle lit in Pompano Beach Florida for our little Kodo and as we move across country in July, we will carry our lit candle and tell everyone we meet about Kodo and the fight."... Love from Ladybug's Ark - CJ Ladybug...handmistress to KoKo and YumYum / Keeper of Kodo's Flame

  57. "Kodo's candle glows in Florida, a 7 day candle, there are several more waiting on the shelf we will not let this light go out , the memorial will last 30 days. Peace and blessings to Kudo's human family".....Barb G.

  58. "Florida will never let them forget Kodo nor the countless other Kodos that have gone before and after him. "In life Kodo would unite us in Spirit but, in his Death Kodo has Bound Us Eternal".
    The Brevard Rescue and Shelter - Marie Wallace

  59. "There is a candle lit for KODO in Hollywood, Florida. I have hugged my six fuzzies and promised that the law here in Florida will be changed to protect them and all their loving brothers and sisters." - Joanne D'Amico

  60. "Kodo, even though we can not be there in person for the candle vigil, I want you to know that we will be lighting and burning our candle for you, here in Ocala Florida.
    Feel the love and the warmth that we extend to you. Bless you, Kodo. You have been a uniting force. God sent you to us for a very special purpose. You are truly a ferret of the world!" - Barbara, Sneezy, and Pepper

  61. "This candle remains lit in Tampa, Fla for Kodo - an innocent victim of political infighting, dishonesty, and arrogance." Paula

  62. "Kodo, your family lost your light from their lives as we've gained the brightness of your star in the night sky. Shine on, little one!" Lucie Darkes, Tampa, Florida

  63. "We remember you, Kodo. A candle burns in Gainesville, Florida." Gerald, Andrea, Paco, Rosco

  64. "Our candle in Kansas is burning brightly to light your way to the Bridge, Kodo. Dance merrily, little love".....

  65. "Dear Kodo, We's told our mom we's all wants our own candle, so we's has 8 burning for you here in Stillwater. Until we's sees you at the Bridge DOOK DOOK!" Your MN cuzins:
    Phannie Mae, Cisco, Cujimonster, Grandpa Zeek, Chanceymuffin Pippi, Sherlock and baby Chaos.

  66. "A candle is burning here too in Minnesota for you, Kodo"...

  67. "Another candle burns in Minneapolis, MN--sometimes two or three."
    Nancy, Walt and Caitriona, pets of Adjective and Cyclone

  68. "Our candle in Woodbury, Minnesota burns every night for Kodo"....
    Alison, Jason, Petey, Oliver, and Chloe

  69. "Many candles light up the Arkansas night".....
    Loni Wolfrom, Ed Wolfrom, Tony Wolfram, Miriah Wolfram, Candise Wolfram, Kenneth Wolfram, Jessie Davis, Starla Franks, Samantha Franks, Preston Franks.

  70. "There's a flame burning here in Virginia Beach tonight for our dear sweet Kodo the Kute".....Kymberlie Becker/Director, Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association

  71. "A candle flames brightly for you Kodo, never to be forgotten, forever to be loved in Texas. Bless you Kodo, may your passing not be in vain"...Sandi

  72. "A candle is burning in Texas for Kodo, on behalf of the Ferret Lovers' Club of Texas. Words cannot express the anger and sadness"....Erika Matulich Socks, Slinky, Bear, Compton, Thor, Sasha, Misty, Lizzie, LilBear, Flower and the rest of the ferrets in Texas

  73. "Kodo, I promise your death will not be in vain. I will fight for freedom for ferrets everywhere--in your name. I will light a candle, but every time I see one, I will think of you"
    Chris--San Antonio, Tx

  74. "I just lit my candle for Kodo, here in New Jersey"....Ela

  75. "A candle burns for Kodo in Piscataway, New Jersey. Kodo, you have not died in vain, we kommandos will make sure of that."
    Melody Tomaszewicz

  76. "All of us lovers of fuzzy ferrets have a candle lit for Kodo in Smithtown, Long Island, New York with the hope to brighten the sad nights since Kodo's death."
    Samone cook (Bear & Gizmo too)

  77. "There's a candle burning in Islandia, New York for you tonight Kodo! Kodo, I feel like a lost my own little fuzzie. We tried so hard, sweetie, but we couldn't stop them.. You didn't die in vain, baby, because you will be the Guardian Angel for all the fuzzies in the world.. Your name will make it right!! We love you, Kodo and will never allow the world to forget you."
    Fran Brown

  78. "NYC has lit a candle for Kodo"....Bernard Beaupin

  79. "Candles are burning here in New York State also! Kodo will NOT be forgotton!"
    Barb Griswold, Gus and Zak

  80. "We will remember Kodo!" Mim family, Brooklyn, NY.

  81. "There's a candle burning in Syracuse for KODO, too"...Melissa

  82. "There is a candle burning here in Chicago Il".....Patty Petrillo

  83. "For Kodo's family: My thoughts, prayers, are on their way to you. Even though Kodo could not be spared you have sparked a flame in our ferret community that has the chance to make some remarkable changes take place. Keep the Faith..." In Illinois - Serra (and Ringo, Niki, Chili, Dexter, and Whitie)

  84. "My condolences to you and your family on the loss of Kodo. My family will light a candle at church (St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Washington, IL) for you, your family and Kodo. Hang in there. We will keep you in our prayers."
    Ferret hugs & kisses, Donelle, Christian, and Sebastian - Kalie, Moose, Wiskers

  85. "I can see Kodo's light from Kokomo, IN. It is the strong, unwavering light of martyrdom and thousands will avenge it." Cheryl M Forbis

  86. "this place will be lit up like a torch for Kodo...Come on, fellow ferts, it's time for our new show, Kodo By Candlelight....." Laurie Murchie

  87. "A candle burns for Kodo in Washington, Pennsylvania"....Becky Herron

  88. "A candle is lit in Independence, KY in memory of Kodo".....Anita, Doug, Buddy and Binky

  89. "A candle burns for Kodo from Ferret Rescue of Spokane" love, Tracey Kilmer

  90. "A candle burns in memory of beloved Kodo In Spokane, forever in our hearts".... Heather and her carpet babies.

  91. "Kodo - My heart sighs heavy with thoughts of those who went before you, my tears wash the ground with thoughts of you, I frown with hopelessness at the thought of those still to follow you. I am to you young, My future is to bright, My country is to great to face a future already lost. Your life is lost, may I help to win your battle and a future that should be as bright as your candles."
    Deena Canals

  92. "And a permanent light, in the sky, overlooking the Earth - Please let everyone know a star has been named for Kodo."

    May Kodo's Light Shine for the Whole World to See.

    Additional Tributes

  93. Kodo, just a note to say that there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.
    A rose for you, my friend, my pet.
    ....Sherri, Jade & Daisy

  94. to not know a ferret is to not know love, frisk, and fuzz.
    to not know a ferret is to not understand there playful habbits.
    to not know a ferret is to be ignorant on a subject.
    to bad the people who killed kodo did not know him, or ferrets.
    ....Robert Koenig

  95. I regret that I was so far away and did not find out about the fight for Kodo until it was almost over. I am stationed in Japan and tried in vain to find an email address for the Michigan governor to send my request for his help.

    I own three ferrets and love them all dearly. They have distinctly different personalities and are a handful at times, but I'd be lost without them. However, I was informed when I visited the base vet for rabies vacinations, that if one should bite someone, it would suffer the same demise as Kodo. It scared me enough that no one plays with them except our immediate family (me and my husband). It's just not worth the chance, especially since they continously rough-house with each other and try to get their humans to play too.

    I pray that we'll be able to make some headway in the struggle to stop the needless killing of our beloved pets.

    ....Tina Jack

  96. Kodo, we've lit a candle for you too and are so sorry that ignorance caused your death. You are loved and missed greatly.

    ....The Collins Family-
    Dan, Christine, Devon (ferret), Jasmine(ferret) and Belle(ferret)
    O'Fallon, IL

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