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Ferrets are said to be the 3rd most popular pet in the US. For proof of this you need look no further than the network of ferret shelters. As more people acquire more ferrets, they have begun to face the same fate as dogs and cats in this country:

Neglect -- Abandonment -- Abuse

Luckily a dedicated and growing number of groups/individuals are stepping forward to provide a safety net.

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Ferrets On the Go (FOG) no longer operates an active shelter. After 10 years, I felt that I had reached such a burnout state that the ferrets were not getting the excellent care that we promised them when we took the responsibility of them. Our ferrets went to live with the Pensacola Ferret Shelter.

Most shelters are no-kill facilities operated in private homes. Shelter ferrets are often housed and cared for with their own personal ferrets. Medical, housing and care costs are included in the family budget. Any help you can provide to shelters only help to improve the ferrets lives. Money, time, money, supplies, money, vet payments. And always, more money and volunteers.

Individuals interested in adopting a fuzzbutt companion should telephone the shelter of their choice to set up a pre-adoption screening. This screening allows you to meet and play with the ferrets and get an idea if any of our guys fit into your life style and personality.


No matter how they phrase it, the most common reasons
cited for surrendering ferrets boil down to:

------   Impulse purchases   ------   Lack of knowledge   ------

------   Mismatched personalities   ------

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