Kodo's Story

Kodo did nothing extraordinary in his short life. And yet his death has unleashed grief across not only this nation but around the world. Why should so many care about such an ordinary ferret? The question itself provides the answer - Because Kodo, this ordinary ferret, could have been any ferret, including yours. This was not some super ferret, different from the others, deserving this a fate different than what others would receive. No, Kodo was an ordinary ferret. An like Kodo, ordinary ferrets everywhere will follow in his footsteps unless we make a difference. Kodo was not the first ordinary ferret to receive this fate. No, man has sat in judgement over many an ordinary ferret, and almost each time, man has demanded this un ordinary fate. Kodo wasn't the first, Kodo will not be the last. With all of our efforts though, Kodo could be road to change. Please join his battle cry. Deena J Canals

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We are working on the timeline of Kodo's story.

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