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  • FOG is a shelter and not a pet store.
  • Persons seeking to adopt a shelter baby must fill out an adoption application and set up an interview.
  • Shelter babies will be adopted out to applicants with or without prior ferret ownership.
  • Shelter babies will not be adopted out on the day of the interview.
  • Adoptions will be pursued in the best interest of the ferret and will be based on the following:
    • personality/temperment of both the ferret and the applicant
    • ability of the applicant to care for the ferrets physical, emotional and medical needs
    • cooperation of other household members and pets in caring for the ferret
    • applicants current knowledge of ferrets and/or willingness to make the effort to learn more about them.
  • Personnel adopting out FOG babies are under no obligation to adopt to anyone requesting to do so.


Adoption Fee: $75.00


Surrender Request Form            Adoption Info Request            Adoption Contract

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