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The average adoption fee to take a ferret home from a shelter runs $60 - $75. Incoming vet visit, rabies and distemper shots for a healthy intake $30-$50. Vet treatment and medicine for abused, neglected, or sick intakes can and do run from $30 to hundreds of bucks. Add to this the cost of food, litter, treats, linatone and hairball medicines and it is easy to see that the shelter operator is not making any money off of "selling" you a ferret. And this doesn't even take into account the cost of cages, litter pans, bowls, water bottles, toys, blankets, flea spray, paper towels, and the increase in utilities from watering, cleaning and cooling. Basically they pay for the privledge of helping secure loving homes for fuzzies.

Items are for sale directly from each individual shelter/club. Please direct all questions about merchandise, availability, payment and shipping to the shelter contact.
How do they do it? Skimping on luxuries, skimping on basics, trusting in the Lord and depending on people just like you. Many shelters/clubs sell items to raise funds. Unfortunately their customer base is usually limited to members and local events (after all, with all of the other expensives, how could they possibly afford advertising for their fund raising items). Well, we're here to help them increase their customer base and help you get cool and unique ferret items and a chance to support rescues across the nation.

Coupons for food/supplies
Items for fundraising
Crafts for fundraising
Old sheets/blankets/towels
Homemade hammocks
Internet fundraising

Think you can't help? Wish you could afford to send a donation but don't have any change to spare? Many shelters are now actively pursueing internet fundraising such as and These services are free to you while paying the shelters a referral fee for your participation. And as always, the best things in life are free - Your Time - to clean cages, play with babies and share the worry over a sick one.

If your shelter or club would like to list your fund raisers here,
please contact

FOG Fundraisers

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Ferrets On the Go
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On line herbal supplement store.
Get paid to surf the web and
earn money for FOG.
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Ferret Stories and Care

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