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Many ferrets enter shelters but are unable to be adopted out due to physical or medical conditions or unusual extenuating circumstances. These babies become known as unadoptables and live out the remainder of their lives in the shelter as permanent residents. The reason behind the unadoptability often results in the expense of keeping these babies far exceeding shelter income.

Injuries and disease along with advanced age are the most common reasons that a shelter places a ferret on its unadoptable list. Often a ferret who is un adoptable due to disease can be returned to adoption status if the shelter is able to raise the funds for proper medical treatment (i.e. adrenal surgery). And most geriatric ferrets could be placed if adopters can be found who are willing to accept the increased medical cost and individual care required to maintain an aging ferret's quality of life despite the fact that their time together may be limited.

You can make a big difference in the quality of life a shelter is able to extend all of its residents by helping to sponsor an un adoptable. Your money is used to help ensure the shelter can provide high quality food, buy necessary shelter supplies, get necessary medications and fight the ever rising vet bill.

The following shelters offer a sponsorship program. Sponsorship amounts and benefits vary and are determined by the shelter.

The Ferret Association of Connecticut
Currently $5 a month foster fee. Receive a photo of your 'grandchild'.

The Sandeborne Institute
Virginia no-kill shelter

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