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Sometimes babies come along that have circumstances and needs that puts a hold on finding a new home either temporarily or permanantly. However dire their circumstances, they still need love, care and someone to worry about them. Sometimes their circumstances improve and they move on. Sometimes a special human companion comes along who sees past their bad luck. Sometimes they scamper around the shelter until their last days. We make do as best we can, all shelters do. Sometimes you help.

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Noel & Pat

Noel and Pat came to me a few days before Christmas '97 as part of the SFFR Arcadia Rescue. Noel is a semi-BEW (Black-Eyed White) and Pat is albino. Noel is probably the mother of Pat and many of the other albinos in the rescue. We almost lost Noel to anemia, probably brought on by not being bred when she first came into heat. Her bone marrow shut down and her blood values read below death levels. Luckily, her condition had come on over such a long period of time that her body kept adjusting, letting her hang on until she finally received medical intervention. Although terminally ill, I will never regret sharing her life.

Picture comingNoel was very quite and timid when she arrived due to her medical condition (She got over it as her health stabilized). Pat on the other hand was a handful and a vicious biter. But she loved Noel and would play baby games gently with her and lick her face and ears and sleep with her. No matter how rough or rotten Pat was with the other ferrets or people, she was an absolute lamb with Noel. I couldn't bear to separate them even to find Pat a home. These two together show an exuberance for life unequaled by any other ferret I have known.

Although the two of them got along wonderfully with the other Arcadia refugees, neither Noel or Pat will tolerate other ferrets lose while they are, without thoroughly thrashing and spraying them repeatedly into submission. I do worry what Pat will do when Noel is gone. Both are fun loving and can only be handled trustingly by people who interact with them on a regular basis. They are learning to give kisses but will NEVER learn to leave my socks alone. Shoes or bare feet only, although we are working on the difference between white socks (favorite) and colored socks (maybe they aren't toys).

7/3/00 Update: Noel is doing extremely well and although slim, well filled out and soft. Both Pat and Noel are gentling down although most people who have known for awhile don't trust them no matter how sweet they act. They are learning to talk to people's faces although they still are unsure of kissing and being kissed. Their attitude toward some of the others has soften. After whooping them and getting proper submission, they will allow them to stay out. And they are among the dogs favorite 'toys'.


Yoshi was Krammer's buddy until his death. A fairly older albino male, Yoshi is gentle and wishes for more individual attention or some ferret he could bond and play with as he did Krammer. Although wanting to play and very friendly, he isn't quite sure how to interact with the other ferrets and worries that they will play to rough. He is a lover not a fighter.

Hard hit by heat stroke shortly after arriving at the shelter, his health never has completely recovered, having good and bad months. His weight fluctuates a lot. Luckily he likes nutrical and gets it regularly to keep his weight on. We are now trying him on some herbs to improve his immune system and basic constitution. He doesn't take the dogs attention good naturedly.

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