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My aunts started researching our family history after one of my cousins started asking questions about their relatives.  Like all families, we have a set preconception of who we are.  We are Texans and **** well proud of the fact.  I've grown up Baptist and it has just always be taken for granted that we are Baptist.  We knew without doubt which side of the civil war our ancestors were on.

Well, like most budding genealogist, we were all in for an eye opener.  I currently live in Florida and they discovered that I have ancestors buried about 100 miles from me.  That was a shock.  That discovery lead to a contact from an individual right here in Niceville -- distant cousins.  I have other distant cousins in Georgia, descendant from my Methodist preacher ancestors.  One of my great grandfather's step brother was a Florida Supreme Court justice.  Guess my roots aren't so new in this area after all.

My mother always told me we were mutts, a little of everything.  She was being factious....she was also right!  We found ancestors from mainly England but not all of them.  And I guess it was really inevitable but there are lots of those Yankees in our branches.  Quakers and Puritans.  Union and Rebels.  Scholars and vagabonds.  Preachers have fallen from the branches with every shake.  The Trail of Tears turns out to be more than just a history lesson in school.  How much has been lost? 

I found out some of the most interesting family intrigue and mystery about my own grandparents.  They were just Joe Public people, or so I thought.  Heck, my own father rode in buckboards when he was young.  They weren't just in the movies.

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Arroyo, Auld, Bowman, Burnett, Canals, Chase, Christian, Curry, Dempsey, Doyle, Ellis, Gilbert, Graham, Grisham, Hart, Hatch, Hendricks, Hogan, Holt, Knowlds, Lucas, Matlock, Moore, Neal, Norwood, O'Neil, Patterson, Reeves, Riggs, Romines, Ruiz, Rumney, Rush, Small, Taylor, Thompson, Towers, Vasquez, Vidal, Whittenburg, Wilson, Wood
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