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Who's Who in GSDs


Horand von Grafrath

"Horand embodied for the enthusiasts of that time the fulfillment of their fondest dreams. He was big for that period, between 24" and 24 1/2", even for the present day a good medium size, with powerful frame, beautiful lines, and a nobly formed head. Clean and sinewy in build, the entire dog was one live wire. His character was on a par with his exterior qualities; marvelous in his obedient fidelity to his master, and above all else, the straightforward nature of a gentleman with a boundless zest for living. Although untrained in puppy hood, nevertheless obedient to the slightest nod when at this master's side; but when left to himself, the maddest rascal, the wildest ruffian and incorrigible provoker of strife. Never idle, always on the go; well disposed to harmless people, but no cringer, mad about children and always in love. What could not have been the accomplishments of such a dog if we, at that time, had only had military or police service training? His faults were the failings of his upbringing, never of his stock. He suffered from a superfluity of unemployed energy, for he was in Heaven when someone was occupied with him and was then the most tractable of dog." ~Captain von Stephanitz Originator of the breed

Rittmeister Max E. F.
von Stephanitz

December 30, 1864
- April 22, 1936
"Utility and Intelligence"

The First 100

Capt. Max is considered the founder of the German Shepherd Dog although he did not breed Horand. In April 1899 at the Karlesruhe Exhibition, Max spotted what he thought was the ideal breed type for the new breed that he was developing. He promptly bought Hektor Linksrhein, renamed him Horand Grafrath and registered him as the first German Shepherd Dog in the newly formed Verein für Deutsche Schäfuhunde (SV) (established 4-22-1899). He served as president of the SV from 1899 until 1935.

Max had deep interest in husbandry, anatomy, breeding and genetics and pursued his interests to create what he felt would be the ultimate companion/working dog. Although he desired an attractive dog, he felt that developing and maintaing character and intelligence of the breed should always be the first consideration. He developed a herding dog that was on the cutting edge of "multi-tasking". A worker, a guardian, and always a loyal friend.

My Ideal of the GSD:

Troll vom Richterbachtal
1956 SG 1957 GV Ch. SchH III, FH, ROM

Troll had not only both American and German titles, but also both conformation and working titles. Truly proving that a well balanced dog has titles at both ends!

Roland von Starkenburg
The first black GSD

The 1st Seiger
VA Jörg Krone
1899 German Seiger
SchH III Kkl 1

The 1st Seigerin
Lisie von Schwenningen
1899 Seigerin

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Manhattan
1987 Westminister BIS
Only GSD to win Westminister

CH Altana's Mystique
Top Winning Dog in AKC History
275 All Breed BIS and 30 BISS wins!

Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes

Queen of Switzerland
1st GSD registered with AKC - 1908