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Not Quite Clean, Almost Dirty


  Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd.

What is the first thing a blonde says when she wakes up in the morning?

So, what band are you guys in?

Why does a blonde prefer an adjustable steering wheel?

More 'head' room.

Have you heard about the new blonde paint?

It's cheap, not too bright, and spreads easily.

Why do blondes have black & blue belly buttons?

Because they have blond boyfriends.

Why is a blonde like rail-road tracks?

Because she has been laid all over the country.

How are blondes and screen doors alike?

The more you bang 'em, the looser they get.

What is the first thing a blonde hears in the morning?

"See ya."

A blonde is stopped by a police officer for speeding.
He makes her get out of the car and then drops his pants.
The blonde replies "Oh, no... not another breathalyzer test."

What does a blonde from Kentucky say after sex?

"Get off me Daddy!"

What do blondes and computer have in common?

You don't really appreciate them until they go down on you.

How does a blonde differ from a brick?

The brick doesn't follow you around for a week after getting laid.

What is the difference between a blonde and the Titanic?

They know how many people went down on the Titanic.

Why can't blondes get a driver's license?

Because every time the car stops, they jump in the back seat.

What do blondes and pianos have in common?

If they are not upright, they're grand.

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