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Not Quite Clean, Almost Dirty

Stanley The Sperm


Once upon a time, there was a sperm named Stanley, who lived inside a famous movie actor. Stanley was a very healthy sperm. He'd do push ups and somersaults and limber himself up all the time, while the other sperm just lay around on their fat asses not doing a thing.

One day, one of them became curious enough to ask Stanley why he exercised all day. Stanley said, " Look pal, only one sperm gets a woman pregnant and when the right time comes, I am going to be that one sperm!" A few days later, they all felt themselves getting hotter and hotter. They knew that it was getting to be their time to go. They were released abruptly and sure enough, there was Stanley, swimming far and ahead of all the others.

All of a sudden, Stanley stopped, turned around, and began to swim back with all his might. " Go back! Go back!", he screamed. "It's a blow job"