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Not Quite Clean, Almost Dirty

Yo Mama


Playboy Store

  • Yo momma like a casino -
       Poker in the front
       Licker in the back

  • Yo mama is so stupid, she got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job

  • Yo mama is like a race car, burns 4 rubbers a day

  • Yo mama is like a Reece cup, there's no wrong way to eat her

  • Yo mama is like a light bulb everyone turns her on

  • Yo mama is like a TV, even a 2 year old can turn her on

  • Yo mama is like the town tri-cycle, everyone gets a ride

  • Your mama is like a brick, flat on both sides, and its easy for her to get laid by Mexicans

  • Yo mama is like a doorknob....everybody gets a turn!

  • Yo mama is so fat that when your dad mounts her, his ears pop.

  • Yo mama is just like lettuce.... 25 cents a head.

    Yo mama is so slutty she was on the front of the Wheaties box with her legs open, and it said breakfast of champs.

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