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Read all about it.

Not only do we receive joke submissions,
but hate mail too:

FROM: Melvin, dated 3-16-02

I took a few minutes to read your 'jokes and quotes' section, and I have come to the conclusion that this must be a sight created by a women. Allow me to put this on your mind. Don't you think there is enough hate in the world already?

Being the hothead that everyone always accuses me of,
I just couldn't let it go unanswered:

Let see, I gave equal credit to both men and women bashing, so I wasn't sexist there. I poked fun at southerners, northerners, politicians, the church, the brainy and the dumb. Definitely equal opportunity there. I do refuse to publish any jokes that make fun of someone's children (no Chelsea jokes on the Clinton pages), so I guess I do count as either biased or censoring on that front.

Do I think there is enough hate in the world? No I don't think there is enough, I think there is too much. I did nothing to you. I did not know you existed. You went out of your way to criticize and reprimand me. I guess, YOU feel the world needs more hate and condemnation.

By the way, since you went out of your way to put me down, please note the correct grammar of your message SHOULD have said 'created by a woman', since it would be grammatically incorrect to use 'a' in front of 'women'.

Please feel free to have a pleasant evening knowing that you spread a little unhappiness in your wake.

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